Rakan HSE Finale Dinner 2018

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PETRONAS Leadership Centre (PLC), Bangi
Thursday, 12 April 2018

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
Salam Sejahtera
Dan Salam 1 Malaysia.

Yang Berusaha Enck Dzafri Sham Ahmad, VP Group HSSE,

Graduating Rakan HSE participants,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

When Dzafri sent the invitation to me a few weeks ago to this Rakan HSE Finale Dinner 2018, I immediately said yes! So tonight I get to meet and speak with a group of people who are so important to our organisation. I strongly believe HSSE are extremely critical to our Organisation. And certainly, in my mind, no work is so urgent that we cannot do it safely! And that, is the “Tone at the Top”. “Tone from the Top”. That is why, every quarter Encik Dzafri has almost the same amount of Board time as the quarterly financial numbers. An indication of the Board’s serious attention to HSSE, on par if not higher than the top and bottom lines.

2. Thank you for inviting me to tonight’s event. I am truly honoured to be here with all of you.

3. Today, we are celebrating our fellow Rakan HSE for the successful completion of their leadership journey towards becoming more effective frontline supervisors in strengthening HSSE practices. I am very supportive of this program because PETRONAS’ HSSE performance is a function of the bench strength and credibility of our front liners. Equipped with the right tools, skills and knowledge, an effective front liner supervisor can certainly ensure a safer and more conducive working environment for our workforce.

4. I share the same concerns as Tan Sri Wan Zul when he stated at the recent President’s Annual Address that HSSE is one of the areas that he’s worried about. Let me just make a statement – seven of our colleagues lost their lives performing work for PETRONAS last year. Seven. Seven families lost their loved one — forever. That is just not acceptable.

5. Will 2018 fare any better? We have just concluded Quarter 1 and we have already recorded 2 fatalities. One perished due to a road tanker accident in February. We lost another in March largely due to non-compliance of ZETO Rules.


6. At the recent PETRONAS Board Meeting, we discussed our concerns on how to sustain strong HSSE performance. I want to put focus on 3 points.

(1). I believe we already have the required procedures, rules and regulations in place. In fact, I dare say that we probably have one of the best HSSE policies and procedures, on par, if not better than IOCs.

(2). Despite the prolonged low oil price environment, we have continuously invested in our Human Capital where our people attended numerous trainings as we strive to raise our capabilities and competencies.

(3). So we must ask ourselves: what else should we do differently?

7. Looking at the five-year trend, Fatal Accident Rate (FAR) performance has not decreased consistently. I think, and I am concerned, that our organisational capability, our zeal, our willingness, in enforcing compliance is not strong. And that our front liners still need to enhance their HSSE competencies, and embrace true HSSE Culture. Our HSSE Culture must be robust enough to handle different phases of our business – be it normal operations and maintenance (O&M), plant changes, turnarounds or mega project during constructions – such as the one we’re going through at the moment with RAPID Project in Pengerang which has very diverse group of nationalities where different approach must be taken. For instance in managing communications to multi-nationalities. So we must work more on enforcement.

8. What is more substantive for us is to have the mindset and behaviour of a FORTUNE Global 500 company. For HSSE, a mindset shift, a culture change from enforcement to compliance. From “I have to” to “I want to”. We need to Own It! We must have the understanding of the meaning and purpose on why we have to follow certain HSSE procedures. We do it because it is simply the right thing to do. Therefore, how can we embed and create the right experience in our day to day activities, that whatever we do, is because we want to do it?

Graduating Rakan HSE participants, Ladies and Gentlemen,

9. That is why we launched Rakan HSE program last year. It is a very important behavioural intervention program targeting our front line supervisors in order for us achieve the Generative Culture where HSSE is key consideration in how we do business in PETRONAS. It is a collaborative effort by Group HSSE, Businesses, OPUs and PLC that focuses on developing effective communications and supervisory skills in improving safety behaviours. This program applies a different methodology compared to other previous training programs to ensure more buy-in (hence, ownership), and sustainability of improved practices and behaviours. In the spirit of Tell Me, we took on board inputs from all of you, our front liners, into consideration in developing the modules. Rakan HSE also consists of a program for tracking and monitoring of your behaviours when you returned to your workplaces.

10. You have been identified by your respective CEOs because you are recognised as an effective leader that possesses strong technical know-how. As leaders of your respective areas, each one of you have a team of employees or a group of contractors that you supervise. They are your obligation, your accountability and responsibility. And it is your duty to ensure those under your supervision get to go home safely to their loved ones. This is what Focused Execution looks like to me – delivering with discipline and ensure safety at all times. Consistently!

11. Given the positive feedbacks we received from you as the Change Agents, I am confident that you will uphold this “Amanah” to strengthen safe work practices within your work areas. It is our hope that Rakan HSE will fulfil its full potential in achieving sustained outstanding HSSE performance.

12. My heartiest congratulations to all graduating Rakan HSE participants! Believe in your passion and talents! And go out there blazing to inspire PETRONAS forward and greater! Good luck! Be persistent to make the change. ALL THE BEST!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

13. HSSE is everyone’s responsibility. It is not just the responsibilities of Dzafri’s team nor it is the duty of your OPU HSSE Department alone. We certainly need everyone in PETRONAS to be on board together in this journey.

14. With this aspiration and the strong support from the top, PETRONAS Rakan HSE can be the signature HSSE leadership program for our frontline supervisors. A mix of participants from all our OPUs have provided meaningful conversation to exchange ideas, and experiences on our practices. On that note, I am happy that Group HSSE have received requests from Businesses to roll out Rakan HSE to even more staff.

15. I hope you will continue to network among yourselves beyond today and support one another. Most importantly, share your success stories so that it will encourage others to raise the bar even higher. It is my sincere hope that tonight’s event will also motivate and excite your peers across PETRONAS Group-Wide, in the pursuit of HSSE excellence, for the greater good of PETRONAS.

16. My special thanks to the organising committee and leaders who have worked tirelessly in formulating and executing Rakan HSE program.

17. Lastly, let us continue working together in making PETRONAS a safer and healthier workplace. Let us ensure when it comes to HSSE, there’s no compromise. 100% Zero Tolerance. 100% ZETO. Insya Allah, we can achieve ZERO fatalities.

Once again, to all Rakan HSE graduates, Congratulations!

Thank you.

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